• Tumblr has always been the odd one out of the popular group of representative social outlets that appeared to take a share of the pie after the rise of Facebook in 2009. David Kapp created the site in 2007, but it wasn’t until 2010 when it really took off. The blogging site focused on images, and it appealed to every single demographic on the web, even fans of adult content.

    Tumblr wallpaper

    Under Dave’s watch, the site experienced a few bumps, but it remained a favorite outlet for outcasts and people who wanted to share their weirdness with like-minded individuals. The site was elevated to safe space for many people akin to identity politics, with some famous activists being able to find their voices on the website.

    The Road to a Hard Fall from Grace

    David Kapp decided one good day that the site was getting too big for his taste and decided to take’s Yahoo’s offer and sell the blogging site for a juicy offer of 1.1 million dollars. Not bad, when you consider the site had an established platform with 550 million users worldwide using the main website and the app every single day

    After the sale, Tumblr was still receiving some massive backlash for not being able to control the content shared on their site other than (more…)

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  • Mobile Phone TrackerThe need to know the whereabouts of your loved ones has grown by the day recently. The world is a dangerous place and as such, a lot of people are taking measures to ensure they can trace their loved ones anywhere they are. It could be a child, a teenage son or daughter, a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, you name it. There are apps these days that make it easier for you to know where they are all the time.

    But that’s not all. Phone tracking apps can also be used to find the location of stolen or lost phones too. One of these tools we recently founded is the MSniffer app, previously known as CellSpotting. Their developers did some upgrades and enhancements and decided to rename the CellSpotting for users with older versions of smartphones. Because the MSniffer requires a little bit faster & modern CPU hardware to function properly.

    In recent years though, the number of apps available for this purpose has grown massively. Despite this, not all these apps have the ability to deliver results. You need to choose very carefully to avoid disappointments. The great thing is that you can rely on MSniffer, the app with a proven track record of effective service and a strong reputation in the market. Frank Verhoeven already made a great review about this app on his blog, and we’ll try to do our best, too.

    What is MSniffer?

    It is a simple tracking app designed to find the location of a cell phone anytime and anywhere. The app uses the calling number of the said device to find it (more…)

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  • Hacker stealing informationThere are millions of hackers, scammers and spammers circling the internet, waiting to cause damage to you one way or the other. Such people will do anything possible to steal the necessary information they can. And then use it to rob you of your earnings. They look for ways to take your bank account or your social security account information to serve their unscrupulous characters.

    The scary thing is that anyone can become a hacker. All you have to do is to learn different tools. There are various tools available on the Internet which are (more…)

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  • Kik messenger hackedUnusual new recently which got released all over gaming forums is that a group of CoD crew decided to code special spyware for Kik messenger application. For those who doesn’t know, Kik is a messaging app similar to WhatsApp one where users exchange their chats via mobile phones with iOS or Android systems.

    This group of gamers were also a colleagues from IT university in Gent. That’s why they easily developed this black-hat type of software for their sneaky (more…)

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  • Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and WhatsApp has sent a perfect gift to its users. A new update for is now available on the Play Store. This release brings a lot of new emojis. Thus, this Valentine you can share your feelings and emotions with your friends and family using different and new emojis.

    WhatsApp gift

    The new Version 2.12.441 is available on Play Store. This new update will bring a new set of emojis like nerd, upside down faces, robot face, the champagne bottle, the popcorn box, and much more. Not just these with this new update you will get a middle finger emoji along with some new country flags and a lot of (more…)

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  • According to yesterdays New York Times latest technology news, around 50k social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ones have been stolen by Russian hackers.
    Mark Zuckerberg’s main security managers claim there is not any exploits in Facebook’s security system, however they blame users who probably fail on some malware which came into their machines and their algorithms automatically stole passwords which have been stored into users cache memory in their internet browsers saved data settings. This kind of software also have an ability to monitor user key strokes from remote computers what these hackers can see in their machines so they easily get their victims credentials in their email message as text or FTP account.

    Another way which these criminals could use to break into these accounts is with using a special Facebook Account Hack Tool | Progressive PST. However this only refers to hacking a FB passwords so these guys should need another applications like these for Twitter and Instagram accounts as well, so security analysts doubt about this method and put the first stated one in this article to suspicious way which they used (more…)

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