About Us

Finding news about the new developments on the internet can be quite bothersome from time to time. Any search on Google leads to top rated sites offering a large number of reviews, good and bad about new products coming out every single day. The problem we have with most of them is how many are paid and bought for. A few scandals in the past have led to the discovery of such low practices, and that’s why objectivity is such an enticing trait in the tech community. When you visit the webpage of a utility, you expect it to work as advertised. Having your devices filled with viruses is the last thing you need.

At Webgare we test out every single app that we come across to check their reliance as well as their effectiveness. You are probably one of the many folks is tired of the endless number of apps that fill the space of your HD Drive of the memory card of your smart devices with useless junk making them work slower. At Webgare we know a lot about firsthand experience as users, we have been there at some point, the same as you, and like you, we have been scammed at least once. Our take is to embrace the technology market with a different mindset, one that is not subject to the agenda or financing of any third party in the real world. Every new utility analyzed on our site is fairly judged based on performance to make sure it works.

Make sure you follow our content. We have a lot of info that you will find useful!