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Gamers made spyware for Kik messenger to spy their opponents in PvP

Kik messenger hackedUnusual new recently which got released all over gaming forums is that a group of CoD crew decided to code special spyware for Kik messenger application. For those who doesn’t know, Kik is a messaging app similar to WhatsApp one where users exchange their chats via mobile phones with iOS or Android systems.

This group of gamers were also a colleagues from IT university in Gent. That’s why they easily developed this black-hat type of software for their sneaky plans. Their goal was to spread infected file which was previously binded with CoD graphics mod and it was undetected by antivirus software. After second crew downloaded it from online file sharing portal and installed it, their devices got infected.

Now whenever their computers are switched ON and running, a hackers can remotely see any activity done on infected computer. In this case it was their mobile phones which got hacked, specifically Kik messengers.

Spyware they built has its own website and they’ve called it “KHackSpy” from khackspy.com

This is just another proof that nothing on internet is safe. Users have to beware on what information they share on web because one wrong step and you can’t get it back.
As some famous quote says: “Once on internet, forever on internet!”.

Same is with these boys. Hope next time they will watch out with caution and use more protected messaging apps like Skype/Whatsapp or some other.


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