• Valentine‚Äôs day is just around the corner, and WhatsApp has sent a perfect gift to its users. A new update for is now available on the Play Store. This release brings a lot of new emojis. Thus, this Valentine you can share your feelings and emotions with your friends and family using different and new emojis.

    WhatsApp gift

    The new Version 2.12.441 is available on Play Store. This new update will bring a new set of emojis like nerd, upside down faces, robot face, the champagne bottle, the popcorn box, and much more. Not just these with this new update you will get a middle finger emoji along with some new country flags and a lot of (more…)

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  • According to yesterdays New York Times latest technology news, around 50k social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ones have been stolen by Russian hackers.
    Mark Zuckerberg’s main security managers claim there is not any exploits in Facebook’s security system, however they blame users who probably fail on some malware which came into their machines and their algorithms automatically stole passwords which have been stored into users cache memory in their internet browsers saved data settings. This kind of software also have an ability to monitor user key strokes from remote computers what these hackers can see in their machines so they easily get their victims credentials in their email message as text or FTP account.

    Another way which these criminals could use to break into these accounts is with using a special software which can crack Facebook password. However this only refers to hacking a FB accounts so these guys should need another applications like these for Twitter and Instagram accounts as well, so security analysts doubt about this method and put the first stated one in this article to suspicious way which they used it.

    The reason we suspect these criminals hacked so many of social media accounts are they could sell them back to their owners, because this time login passwords were not shared to public like it was the case in 2013. when 2 million Facebook, Yahoo and Google passwords got stolen (article from Huffington Post). Then, all these credentials were shared to (more…)

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  • WebGare is a blog dedicated to share social media news worldwide of all related social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest and all others.
    We will be posting various news and activities such as major updates of certain site privacy policies, if some changes happens in their therms and conditions pages, we will announce you if some new features are added in social media sites systems and all kind of bumps and updates.

    Our team is contained of two publishers, Mike and Stephan. Both of us are experienced tech and internet addicted guys who spent years and years in online marketing, security tweaking and web designing.
    Mike is freelancer web and graphic designer and also C++ and (more…)

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  • FB site I can bet there is no person in modern world who never heard about YouTube or Facebook social networks. And also can made a bet this same person has made their account on both of these at least once in their life.
    Today I am going to discuss about success of these great giants and also how they depends and cooperate of each one.
    First let’s start talk about the first one which was born, YouTube. An video sharing social media site which was (more…)

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