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About Us – Who we are

WebGare is a blog dedicated to share social media news worldwide of all related social sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest and all others.
We will be posting various news and activities such as major updates of certain site privacy policies, if some changes happens in their therms and conditions pages, we will announce you if some new features are added in social media sites systems and all kind of bumps and updates.

Our team is contained of two publishers, Mike and Stephan. Both of us are experienced tech and internet addicted guys who spent years and years in online marketing, security tweaking and web designing.
Mike is freelancer web and graphic designer and also C++ and Java programmer. Has about 10 different niche websites monitoring and running on himself.
Stephan has worked as a security manager for 3 years at MySpace social network. Now he is self employed running very successful business at Fiverr as a “level 2” high rated seller.
They made their first relation at DigitalPoint forums and after few months talking on Skype they realized of having similar interests and ideas, soon after an idea for making WebGare blog was born.
Our goal is to share the social media news to all marketers and publishers from all over the world and make this one place where people with similar ideas will be coming to read, reshare, like, what is the main purpose of social media world.

To stay tuned for latest news and updates of your favorite social website you’re using for getting news, simply subscribe for our mailing list at info@webgare.com which will be approximately every 2-3 days and know everything what’s in your interests list whenever you want. WebGare is your best place to know latest bumps of your social circle world!

Thank you for choosing us!
– Mike and Stephan


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